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At P.S.~KARMA in DMV, we EMPOWER our students through Arts & Crafts!

Welcome to our website. You will not find another business like ours in the tri-state area. It's the fact that we are recognized as a professional company in our industry, are creative, and have passion for  empowering our students that sets us apart from other Arts & Crafts companies. We're standing by to take care of your Art Class needs.

Did you know that P.S.~KARMA offers specialized Arts and Crafts programs to help children find something that they are great at? 

P.S.~KARMA is not just a business, it is a movement. We are a movement of many motions and believe that no child should ever be left behind. We strongly believe that our children need to feel and know that they are important and also have as much mental support as we can give. We teach children arts and crafts and the importance of uniqueness and abstract art. We teach children that it is okay to be different, and we give them the tools that they need to thrive on being different.

The first movement is the mission to make sure that every child knows that they are great at something. We offer sampler classes that allow the children to experience different hobbies and even take on a new hobby if something sticks with them. We understand that all children are not going to be great at sports, music, cheerleading, and other common enrichment club activities that are available to the children. We are in place to reach those children that  do not like your typical things. We are in place to make sure that the children that are not interested in the sports and music, etc.. have a place too. We are here to make sure that every child can have the opportunity to feel accomplished and satisfied from doing something that they love and are great at.

The second movement is the self-esteem and self awareness that one gains from creating arts and crafts. The emotional gain of positive attitudes that can be applied to any life situation is a priceless and beneficial award for the children that have become a part of P.S.~KARMA. Our arts and crafts classes allow the children to be “Brain Fit”. There are many different studies that show that creating art relieves stress, increases empathy, tolerance, feelings of love, and can make children better students for life.

Our classes also offer art tailored to the Virginia, Maryland, and District of Columbia Building Blocks of learning. We work with all age groups. We give the children tons of opportunities to work on fine motor skills and curriculum related art.

With P.S.~KARMA, it's not just learning, it's a Magical Experience. After all, Kids Are Really Magical Artists!

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If you're looking for industry experts that can answer the question "How do I find Fun for my children that is Worth Every Dime?" then consider doing business with P.S.~KARMA. Contact us today and enjoy our patient and magical customer service. After all, Kids Are Really Magical Artists!